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About Us

Equality & Diversity

Steve Hindmarsh Ltd is committed to diversity and equality in how we work as an organisation. We demonstrate our commitment in our individual conduct, how we represent our organisation and its work, how we manage and deliver our services.

We are committed to equality and diversity issues as a core component of our personal and professional development. We welcome openness and dialogue in working to develop our awareness and practice.


Increasingly diverse markets, global talent sourcing and international job mobility all result in powerfully diverse workplaces. Mediation and conflict resolution can help diverse teams strengthen trust and maximise their business potential. Mediation´s approach to cultural differences and commonalities can strengthen working relationships and play a vital role in any resolution process or escalation management procedure.


The duty of employers and employees on equality and diversity issues can be compromised when conflict gets in the way of effective management, fair procedures and acceptable behaviour. When we believe or perceive that issues are linked to who we are as a person; our gender, ethnicity or sexuality then we can feel hurt and unjustly treated.

Open, constructive two-way talk on differences can often add value and release potential within your organisation. Talk with us in confidence about how our training and services can support your organisation.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Mediation Training

These courses were commissioned specifically to address issues of equality, diversity or culture and conflict.

“Excellent, very enjoyable and enlightening. Trainer had a very good understanding of Equalities & Diversity issues.”
Leyla Okhai, Equality Advisor, Oxford University (Core Mediation Skills – 2 days)

“Excellent training. Steve was exceptionally knowledgeable, personable and fully understood and responded to the requirements of our group (we are all Equality and Diversity practitioners.) I completed the course feeling confident and excited about my skills as a mediator. I would not hesitate to recommend this training”
Fiona McClement, Equalities & Diversity Advisor, University College London (Core Mediation Skills – 2 days)

“Most useful.”
Xavier Calbet, Meteorological Scientist, EUMETSAT (Certificate in Mediation Skills – 6 days)

“Very enlightening training and experience.”
François Montagner, Surface & Soundings Product Manager, EUMETSAT (Certificate in Mediation Skills – 6 days)

“A very useful course which all managers need to go through.”
Gezahegn Kebede, Regional Director East & Southern Africa, Plan International (Mediation Skills – 1 day)

“This was an exceptional one day training and definitely a good example of value for money.”
Adama Coulibaly, Regional Director West Africa, Plan International (Mediation Skills – 1 day)

“Excellent! The trainers are their own personal ´marketing tools´ of how good the methodology is through their personal behaviour and modelling.”
Remata Evora, Country Director, Bangladesh, Plan International (Mediation Skills – 1 day)

“A very experienced trainer made for a lovely group atmosphere. Steve worked hard to put disability on the agenda within the context of Equality & Diversity, without setting disability apart as something to be problematized, rather than valued as part of diversity.”
Nicola Martin, Head of Disability & Wellbeing Service, London School of Economics (Core Mediation Skills – 2 days)

“Excellent workshop. I learnt the importance of how effectively mediation can work and when it is most appropriate.”
Christine Yates, Equalities Consultant, HR Equalities Unit, Imperial College London (Core Mediation Skills – 2 days).

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Rapid response helps de-escalate and prevent further damage. We aim to have a mediator with you in 5 working days. We appreciate such situations can be volatile and unpredictable, so there are no cancellation fees.

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