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About Us

Mediator Jobs & Recruitment

Steve Hindmarsh Ltd is a leading specialist mediation and training provider with an 20-year history. We work with a diverse client base including local community charities, high street brands, FTSE100 companies and global institutions. We provide mediation services and training across the UK and Europe.

Note: We receive many applications for work which we do not offer and from people trained by providers which do not match our areas of work. Please note we are NOT a provider of civil & commercial mediation. Please do not apply if you have been trained by a civil & commercial mediation training provider such as ADR Group, Align, Academy of Experts, CEDR, Clear ADR, Hunt ADR, London School of Mediation, Phoenix Dispute Resolution, ProMediate, Regent’s, RICS, SCMA, Society of Mediators and UCLAN.

We are looking for mediators who are
  • Newly qualified mediators with passion and potential
  • Experienced mediators with a proven track record
  • Mediators from under represented groups
  • Younger mediators with good quality training, with or without experience.

We mediate in a wide range of areas and offer a breadth and depth of general, specialist and tailored mediation services and training courses.

Excellent support, training and supervision are provided.

For Mediator Job Application Form see the Files tab on the right.


Excellent support, training and supervision are provided.

Sessional work: £20-£35 per hour plus expenses.
Day work: £350-£500 per day plus expenses.

Once mediators have proven successful in case work, training opportunities may be available

Support trainer: £250-£350 per day
Lead or co-trainer: £350-£500 per day.


The level of work will depend on your area of practice or expertise and geographic location.

The workload varies greatly with some of our mediators having

  • 2-4 cases per month
  • Only one case offer a year
  • 2-3 cases per week.

We provide mediation and conflict resolution services to the workplace, communities and families. We are not looking for dispute resolution.

We occasionally work with family conflict, including intergenerational, sibling, parental and relationship conflict. Please note we do not provide Family mediation (Divorce & Separation, under the Family Law Act).

Please note we do not provide Civil & Commercial mediation (business to business, financial, contract and commercial disputes).

We do provide Workplace mediation, where relationships are on-going and the key issues are relationships, behaviour and communication. Please note we do not provide Employment mediation where relationships are ending and termination and settlement packages are to be negotiated.

We do provide Neighbour & Community Mediation to deal with neighbour disputes, ASB and noise nuisance. We provide a conflict resolution service rather than a dispute resolution service.


You may have mediation experience or not. We are interested in the quality and relevance of your mediation training and personal qualities, skills and experience. There are many mediation courses in the marketplace, increasingly these are now generic courses, and we are looking for tailored or specific mediation training.


If you are a workplace mediator we will be looking for specific training from a workplace mediation specialist. Please note this does not include a 5 day civil & commercial mediation training course followed by a 1 or 2 day workplace conversion course.


Ideally a recognised, independent learning body will accredit your training. If not, please send details of course content and identify the trainer(s).


Please note we only accept accreditations offered by recognised independent learning providers e.g.: NOCN, OCN, ILM, RSA, OCR, NVQ.

Please note your mediation training should be at least 6 days. If your course was 5 days please demonstrate additional knowledge, commitment, training and CPD. If the training was 4 days or less, please do not apply. If the course was a distance learning course, please do not apply.

For the growing range of areas we are involved in see our Community Relationships page.

For Mediator Job Application Form see the Files tab.


Please return a completed application to the email address on the form.

Please note, we do not accept CV’s.


This is an open and on-going recruitment process with no-deadline.

We acknowledge receipt of application forms within 48 hours.

We will make a decision on your application form within 15 working days.

Successful applicants will be invited for an online interview and assessment session.

We you will notify you if your application is unsuccessful. We may provide feedback if time allows.

You can download the Mediator Application form here: Mediator Application Form.docx

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Rapid response helps de-escalate and prevent further damage. We aim to have a mediator with you in 5 working days. We appreciate such situations can be volatile and unpredictable, so there are no cancellation fees.

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