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Coaching is a working partnership that can transform your abilities and potential. In complex and uncertain times we rely on people who can engage, motivate and inspire.

Organisations want managers and leaders that can adapt and deliver whilst maintaining trusting relationships with their teams and stakeholders.

Individual coaching can lift the potential that training and development activities often only promise.  The focus of coaching is achieving personal and organisational growth.

Coaching is a supportive partnership that works through the barriers to change and success; identifying blocks and obstacles as well as strengths, new solutions, motivation and creativity.

Coaching takes into account both the macro and the micro. The macro is the big picture; the context, system and culture we work in. The micro are the invisible choice points that often limit and undermine our strengths and abilities.

Tailored coaching offers
  • Time to reflect with an attentive thinking partner
  • Support as well as challenge
  • Reflection and action focus.
Coaching goals can include
  • Enhance focus and achievement
  • Strengthen wellbeing and resilience
  • Get the best out of teams and people
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Develop leadership capacity
  • Self awareness, adaptability and flexibility for high performers
  • Agility amidst change and uncertainty
  • Increase ability to engage and motivate others.

We work flexibly, offering either a structured contract and goal setting or just time to download and clarify your priorities.

Extensive experience in working with senior managers, C-Suite, commercial & sales, academics and technical specialists. Our background in conflict resolution and relationship management brings unique insights and value to the coaching relationship.

“The service proved to be effective in improving the situation and successfully achieving the desired changes or goals. The Coach demonstrated excellent listening skills, showed a deep understanding of the situation, and provided valuable coaching and guidance throughout the process. Their expertise and resources were highly appreciated.” 
Manager, University. 

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