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Early Resolution Framework

Creating a culture of resolution from first contact. Putting people and relationships at the heart of process and procedure.

Early Resolution Frameworks generate a change of culture. A shift away from conflict and adversary to collaboration and resolution. The framework combines skills, thinking, values and procedures which bring together conflict resolution skills, fair process, psychological safety, restorative approaches, a culture of openness and dialogue and opportunities for individual, relational and organisational learning.

Traditional grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures provide valid support for rights, safety and protection. Too often these are applied to situations that have been unnecessarily escalated and have poor fit. A decision on right and wrong is a very narrow vehicle for problem solving. Many situations lack sufficient fact, proof and evidence. Formal procedures are inherently adversarial and can leave both sides feeling damaged. Complainants can often feel outcomes are lacking and disproportionate, respondents feel unfairly treated and exposed. Managers are often fearful of managing.

Escalation through formal procedures exponentially increases time, cost and fall out; engaging increasingly senior staff over longer time frames, increasing office tensions, with the ever present risk of sickness and absence.

Increasing the use of informal early resolution tackles issues at source, at the right level, at the right time.

A resolution framework offers a simpler focus that is generative, increasing value rather fighting over right and wrong. It aims to increase skills, align behaviours with values and support the health of organisational culture.

Importantly it also gives voice to the subtle, subjective, emotional and psychological elements that are often hard to justify or confirm in a process of investigation. It contributes to a culture of openness and provides direct support and choices on diversity issues.

We can assist with designing a resolution framework; from initial scoping and appraisal of risks and benefits, through to the tools and techniques that bring a resolution framework to life.

We have experience of setting up early resolution frameworks across a range of sectors and audiences.

We can share our insights and experiences – call 0800 028  3866 or Contact page.