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Family Conflict Mediation

Family conflict mediation resolves parent to child conflict, couple conflict, parent to parent tensions, sibling or extended family conflict.

Family Conflict Mediation is about resolving relationship tensions and conflicts. If issues around communication, behaviour, managing the home, coping with life’s stresses, parenting and the balance of responsibilities around the home are causing difficulty, then we can help.

This is a fast, effective low-cost service that quickly de-escalates situations, reduces the stress and worry and gets all back on track. We can deliver this service over the phone or via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

The service is informal, confidential and can quickly reduce hurt and tension. We are keen to understand what is important for each of you, how you feel and what could make a difference. We work at your pace, at convenient times and you are very much in control of the process.

The pressures of work, national uncertainty, a lack of a sense of security, health concerns and high levels of change can pit us against each other. Under these conditions we tend to blame or attack those closest to us. This service helps us better manage the load and cope together better.

The latest research shows that unresolved parental conflict has a significant impact on children’s mental health, educational attainment, long term mental health and future life chances.

Call on 0800 028 3866 and ask to speak to Steve or Liz, or email.

Please note this is not Family Mediation under the Family Law Act in terms of divorce and separation; where legal rights and entitlements on finances, property, pensions and child contact arrangements are negotiated.

Family Conflict Skills

We have extensive experience of providing tailored training courses to a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations including SureStart teams, troubled families teams, homelessness providers, family group conferencing teams, contact centres, family prison welfare workers, social workers, family workers, educational psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and family therapists. See here for feedback on family conflict training courses – here.

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Over 21 years' mediation experience

With twenty-one years experience in delivering accredited mediation training we offer market leading expertise at highly competitive rates.

For eighteen years we have been advising businesses on developing internal mediation services to resolve conflicts at source. We offer expert advice on complex conflicts and independent mediation services.

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Rapid response helps de-escalate and prevent further damage. We aim to have a mediator with you in 5 working days. We appreciate such situations can be volatile and unpredictable, so there are no cancellation fees.

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