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Latest updates on emerging trends, issues and concerns within mediation. We will be taking a more campaigning stance on quality and standards across mediation.

ACAS Revised Code of Practice locates mediation

10th November 2008

ACAS´s revised Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance clearly sets mediation at an informal stage. The Code locates mediation as a pre-formal stage and does not cover the process procedurally as guidelines.

“Employers and employees should always seek to resolve disciplinary and grievance issues in the workplace. Where this is not possible employers and employees should consider using an independent third party to help resolve the problem. The third party need not come from outside the organisation but could be an internal mediator, so long as they are not involved in the disciplinary or grievance issue. In some cases, an external mediator might be appropriate.”

In the absence of procedural guidelines on mediation ACAS and the CIPD have written a new and thorough guide on mediation. The guide includes case studies as well as factors to consider on choosing a provider.

Link: ACAS Code of Practice
Link: Mediation – An Employer´s Guide

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