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Latest updates on emerging trends, issues and concerns within mediation. We will be taking a more campaigning stance on quality and standards across mediation.

CIPD & HSE Survey Stresses Line Manager Conflict Management

19th February 2009

Funded by HSE and IIP, the CIPD´s 4 year research project explores the management behaviour needed to prevent and manage stress at work.

Four competencies areas have been identified for managers; including ´Respect and Responsibility´, ´Managing and Communicating Existing and Future Work´, ´Managing the Individual in the Team´, and ´Reasoning and Managing Difficult Situations´.

“Reasoning and managing difficult situations
This involves dealing objectively with conflicts, mediating between the parties, seeking advice from others where necessary and following up conflicts once they’ve been resolved. Managers must make it clear that they will take ultimate responsibility when things go wrong. Conflict and bullying tend to increase during financial downturns, and therefore managers need to be ready to address incidents early so as not to let them damage well-being or performance.”

Full CIPD article – ´Tension seeking behaviour´

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