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Conversations on Race and Difference

  • 1 day
  • In-house

Want to have conversations around race or difference?  Having the courage to talk about important issues such as aspects of our own identity or bringing our values on racism to life are valuable and necessary conversations.

We speak with Black people who are tired and exhausted by having to take the larger responsibility in such conversations. These conversations can quickly become difficult, derailed and inverted.

We hear from White people who want to talk but are unsure how to begin. People who have good intentions but somehow the conversation becomes tense and difficult. People who wanted to help or learn.

We also hear from White people who don’t understand what is going on. White people who are focused on their own difficulties and challenges. Often feeling a sense of unfairness and injustice when others get more attention and they feel overlooked and invisible.

We are offering three courses on Conversations around Race and Difference

  • For Black people and People of Colour who want to understand how conversations get derailed and prevent this. Who want to create conversational dynamics which better express their identity and values whilst helping white people hear and understand better. Aiding white people in becoming more effective allies.
  • For White people who want to have constructive conversations around race which honours their intention without causing offence. Helping white people become more aware of their impact and align their intentions with taking responsibility and action.
  • For confused White people who are struggling to make sense of the situation. Meeting them in their confusion, working with resistance and building understanding. Developing insights and beginning the journey to understanding and taking responsibility.

All the courses will help participants

  • Recognise their own unintentional contribution to limiting the conversation
  • Provide theory and models which explain the dynamics of misunderstanding and hurt
  • Understand the unspoken dynamics which drive misunderstanding and hurt
  • Understand which words and forms of expression escalate
  • Recognise the balance and dynamics of responsibility taking in sensitive conversations
  • Understand how good intentions can blame and offend
  • Talk without creating confusion or offence
  • Talk and be heard more effectively
  • Find effective starting points and stances to talk about race and difference
  • Follow a structure for fair and balanced conversations
  • Sequence conversations for maximum effect
  • Protect and look after our identity in sensitive conversations
  • Develop confidence in having conversations which offer value around difference
  • Maintain relationships by sustaining and multiplying the value after the conversation.

The one day course can be delivered online for groups of 4-12 people. A range of post-course resources are offered to support reflection and on-going development.

We are specialists in EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) and facilitating conversations around race and difference. Providing opportunities for dialogue at an interpersonal level and collaborative, participatory work for change at organisational levels.

Want us to deliver this course in-house?

Setting up an in-house mediation service can be a highly successful investment. We offer a complete package of training and support on an on-going basis, tailored to your business and culture.

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