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Why Use Us?

Return on Investment


We offer a skill set and an approach that results in a cultural shift in how people respond to and manage conflict. Our courses build both individual and organisational capacity to manage differences and change constructively. The ability to secure solutions in difficult and competitive times gives people a leading edge. The courses offer a wider range of benefits that extend well beyond employee relations into people management, competitive negotiation and resolving operational difficulties.


We work with you to identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will directly support the strategic aims of the organisation

  • Provide options to match your specific needs
  • Develop measures to evaluate the business impact from learning and development
  • Review the impact of learning initiatives and their project outcomes.


We have a vast experience in our field of tailoring courses to a wide variety of organisations. We draw on a rich resource of tried and tested learning content to design bespoke programmes to meet your specific context and requirements. Our approach is characterised by:

  • High levels of learner engagement
  • Highly realistic and relevant content that directly addresses current issues within your workplace
  • A set of courses which provide broad support for general management development
  • Principles and practices which bring value to equality and diversity issues
  • A partnership approach – a two way learning process with your organisation.

We achieve results by:

  • Working with you to understand your people, your business and your goals
  • Achieving readiness through developing skills, behaviours and knowledge that are useable next day in the workplace
  • Combining expertise in subject matter, learning and industry knowledge to craft innovative, high impact and relevant learning
  • Turning learning and growth in the training room into motivation, passion and potential in the workplace
  • Working with you to measure results and value; making connections to existing management systems and measures.


The courses provide a significant shift in thinking and behaviour around conflict, giving practical skills to use immediately and offering a lasting, memorable, training experience. Often cited as one of the best training experiences of people´s career. This is an evaluation that endures and grows with time.

  • Supportive: Managers and HR are expected to do this. We fill an identified skills gap through specific training that builds confidence and provides a structure to work to
  • Challenging: helping people look at the way they communicate, manage and relate to people; fostering insight
  • Stimulating: the raw material for the courses are your live issues and current challenges.

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Rapid response helps de-escalate and prevent further damage. We aim to have a mediator with you in 5 working days. We appreciate such situations can be volatile and unpredictable, so there are no cancellation fees.

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