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“A very useful course which all managers need to go through.”
Gezahegn Kebede, Regional Director East & Southern Africa, Plan International

“Invaluable tool for the team.”
Group Head of Personnel & Training, Private Sector Client

“This was an exceptional one day training and definitely a good example of value for money.”
Adama Coulibaly, Regional Director West Africa, Plan International

“Excellent! The trainers are their own personal ´marketing tools´ of how good the methodology is through their personal behaviour and modelling.”
Remata Evora, Country Director, Bangladesh, Plan International

“A really valuable day with lots to take forward and build on.”
Regional Personnel & Training Officer, Private Sector Client

“Great trainer, with a great style and relaxed manner, open to question and very effective at putting material into context.”
Training & Development Advisor, Private Sector Client


“Very good course. Enjoyable and positive learning experience.”
Chris Byrne, HR Manager (Change) SOAS

“I found the course excellent and would recommend it to all staff!”
Sean Burns, Systems Operations Manager, EUMETSAT

“Excellent, very enjoyable and enlightening. Trainer had a very good understanding of Equalities & Diversity issues.”
Leyla Okhai, Equality Advisor, Oxford University

“Excellent course and the facilitator was extremely knowledgeable. Would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in mediation.”
Mark Appleby, Director of HR, NHS Somerset

“Excellent training. Steve was exceptionally knowledgeable, personable and fully understood and responded to the requirements of our group (we are all Equality and Diversity practitioners.) I completed the course feeling confident and excited about my skills as a mediator. I would not hesitate to recommend this training.”
Fiona McClement, Equalities & Diversity Advisor, University College London

“Fantastic course, very illuminating. Good balance of both skills & knowledge and personal development & awareness, highly valuable and inspiring.”
Christine Bischel, Employment Advisor, Jobs in Mind

“Enjoyed the course, its content and practical sessions. I especially feel the skills will be useful in this environment and may lead to better conflict resolution in the future. I would recommend this course for all our managers.”
Compliance Manager, Private Sector Client

“Fantastic course!”
Head of Department, Private Sector Client

“Really enjoyed this course, excellent content. All skills learnt will be extremely useful in my day to day job.”
Custody Manager, Private Sector Client

“Good course that should provide a culture shift within our workplace.”
Head of Security, Private Sector Client

“Excellent course.”
Marianne Stout, HR Manager, The National Archives

“Having previously attended a 1 day course elsewhere, this exceeded all expectations.”
Sofi Speed, HR Manager, The National Archives

“I found the course challenging and useful and feel that I will be able to take aspects away to use in my job.”
Sarah MacWilliam, HR Manager, Entertainment One Group

“Excellent course.”
Prison Officer, HMP Eastwood Park

“Very good course, excellent trainer.”
Prison Officer, HMP Eastwood Park

“The subject content was interesting and relevant to my role and the tutor made the learning interesting and fun.”
Equalities Officer, HMP Eastwood Park

“Really engaging course. Very relevant to work. I have developed some useful new skills.”
Patrick Johnson, Head of Equality & Diversity, Manchester University

“Since attending the Core Mediation Skills training, both myself and my Project Co-Ordinator have seen what a really positive impact this course has had on my role. Compared to the six months prior to this course; I am now able to manage higher caseloads, have improved productivity with more cases resulting in signed resolutions. This has been noted and fed back to me in my supervisions, also via feedback from higher management and external referring agencies.”
Dean Evans, Project Worker, Conflict Resolution Service, The Wallich.

“Very knowledgeable trainer, delivery was extremely competent and well thought through. Would recommend highly.”
Lynne Lockett, Complaints & Appeals Manager, Corporate & Academic Services, UWE

“I have found this to be really useful and I feel that we can use many of the skills in our role at UWE and enhance our complaint process by introducing a mediation stage.”
Louise Osborn, Complaints & Appeals Manager, Corporate & Academic Services, UWE

“Very enjoyable and looking forward to utilising skills.”
Clare Clark, Advice Manager, UWE Student Union Advice Centre

“This was one of the most interesting and relevant courses I have attended which will be invaluable in my HR role and future career. The course taught me to challenge current thought processes and equipped me with techniques to help tackle conflict situations and provide an alternative option to formal processes which don’t always get to the heart of the initial complaint. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to putting my new skills into practice within my role. I personally feel this will assist with my development as I look to aspire to get to the next level of my career.

I wouldn’t change anything surrounding the course- the pace was fast but fine given the size of the topic and the most relevant areas were covered in the two day course. Steve had so much knowledge surrounding mediation that he was able to share his experiences and provide examples which really brought the content to life and made it much easier to pick up on the techniques. The balance between theory and active participation worked really successfully as we’d cover the theory element in just enough detail and then have the opportunity to put it into practice to cement the learning. I thought overall that the course was excellent.”
HR Business Partner, Financial Services Sector.


“Very informative and interesting.”
Lyndsay Stevens, Patient Experience Co-ordinator, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (Mediation Skills Overview – 1 day)

“I found that the course content was very interesting and useful. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made the subject very easy to understand.”
Helen Humphries, Patient Experience Team Leader, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (Mediation Skills Overview – 1 day)

“It offered a new perspective on my work, which was great. Steve was impressively engaged and took account of how the ideas he raised could apply in the specific context of our roles.”
Head of Complaints, Complaints Commission (Mediation Skills – 1 day)

“Very insightful. Changed the way I think about mediation. Very enjoyable.”
Complaints Officer, Complaints Commission (Mediation Skills – 1 day)

“Very intense learning experience. Steep learning curve. Valuable.”
Jenny Thompson, Head of Student Wellbeing Services, Swansea University

“This course was a good balance of theoretical and practical information about mediation. It provided me with a framework from which to provide mediation services in my work.”
Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Counsellor, Cardiff University

“Very knowledgeable trainer, delivery was extremely competent and well thought through. Would recommend highly.”
Lynne Lockett, Complaints & Appeals Manager, Corporate & Academic Services, UWE

“I have found this to be really useful and I feel that we can use many of the skills in our role at UWE and enhance our complaint process by introducing a mediation stage.”
Louise Osborn, Complaints & Appeals Manager, Corporate & Academic Services, UWE

“Very enjoyable and looking forward to utilising skills.”
Clare Clark, Advice Manager, UWE Student Union Advice Centre


“Thought provoking, intense, immensely rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The course has opened my eyes into dealing with disputes in a different way.”
Mary Howell, Employee Relations Manager, House of Fraser

“Very powerful course – challenging, stretching, thought provoking and rewarding. I’ve learned an incredible amount.”
Gian Fazey-Koven, Business Development Officer, University of Worcester

“Excellent course, clearly expert in the subject and is an effective trainer in addition to a successful practitioner, which are two very different skill sets. Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it. Thank you.”
Annie Finlayson, Director of Corporate Development, PHS Hygiene

“Over the years I have been fortunate to work for organisations who have cared about my development. As part of my development, I have attended many training courses, and I can say with all sincerity that I have never attended a course so expertly delivered. Your passion for the subject is infectious.”
Pat Kiely, HR Consultant

“Very intensive course from day one, but delivered in a relaxed and informative style. It has been by far one of the most rewarding courses I have been on.”
Howard Wright, Regional Officer, Unite

“One of the most valuable courses I have attended. Provided me with challenge and development. Skills learnt can be used in a wider context beyond just mediation.”
Steve Larner, Head of Organisational Development, South Holland District Council

“An excellent introduction to mediation and preparation for becoming a workplace mediator. A helpful blend of relevant theory, practical skills and opportunities to role play. Very enjoyable. Thank you.”
Professor Geoffrey Eliott, Director of Strategic Partnerships, University of Worcester

“Very enlightening training and experience.”
François Montagner, Surface & Soundings Product Manager, EUMETSAT

“I’ve encountered quite a few trainers and heard a lot of other people’s opinions on them and you’re the only one who has consistently returned excellent reviews from different courses. Following the training course you did in 2010, everyone was talking about it for a long time afterwards. I don’t think there are many other trainers that affect people to the extent that they walk away re-evaluating their approach to so many other aspects of their lives.”
Jane Blair, Manager, Wolverhampton Mediation Service

“This course has been one of the most challenging yet life changing and inspiring courses I have ever attended.”
Hayley Harris, Welfare Advisor, Swansea University Student’s Union

“Excellent – can use skills in other areas as well.”
Ami Jones, HR Consultant, Aible HR

“Intensive, challenging, thought provoking, but highly responsive to individual and group needs. I did not lose focus once during 6 days of intense concentration – which is an indicator for me of how much I was fully engaged in the course and the process. This is the best course I have ever attended which I will attribute to Steve’s styles, skills and empathy. His responsiveness and language demonstrate a natural and gifted trainer.”
Gabrielle Ward, RCN ER Advisor, GMB workplace steward, training advocate

“Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable and totally practical. I would recommend to any person who is required to conduct mediations. It is one of the few training experiences where you can feel the change happening. Behaviour change is not only experienced but it can be measured (the holy grail in training circles) and is proving to be sustainable after the course.”
Heather Cooper, Director, HCHR Associates.

“I thought this was the best course I have ever been on. The group were bonded well. The practical sessions even though they were mentally tiring where fantastic. So much was learnt. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed this course.”
Jacqueline Wright, Diversity & Staff Development Officer, Pembroke College

“Most useful.”
Xavier Calbet, Meteorological Scientist, EUMETSAT

“This has been an excellent training experience. In depth and very well facilitated. I was worried that 6 days would be too long but that has not been an issue. In fact it is of the best training experience I’ve had in 28 years of practice!”
Mike McCandless, Service Manager

“Extremely useful, in-depth and effective in transferring knowledge and developing practical skills in mediation. The course has given me the confidence to be able to carry out mediation in the future.”
Kate Matthews, HR Consultant, Greenaway Scott


“Excellent, very useful.”
Civil & Commercial Mediator

“Very useful.”
Psychiatrist & Charity Trustee

“Very good, useful take-aways.”
HR Manager

“Brilliant. Exceeded all expectations.”
Carole Proctor, HR Advisor, Yorkshire Coast Homes.

“The webinar was incredibly informative and excellent value for money and the documents provided will be really useful.”
HR Manager


“Truly fantastic, really surpassed my expectations.”
Nicola Payne, Director of HR Delivery, Visa Europe

“I really enjoyed this course and learned so much from it. The trainer managed to effectively balance theory and practice within a content-packed agenda, without making me feel inadequate. He supported all of us with constructive feedback and encouragement, which was very motivating at moments of challenge and self-doubt. The 5 days flew by and the whole positive experience kept me alert and energised. I don’t underestimate the difficulties but certainly looking forward to my first mediation as a (more) professional person.”
Caroline, HR Consultant

“Most challenging course I have ever been on in 30 years of civil service. Also best course I have ever been on. Prepared me for mediation brilliantly. Trainers were excellent, friendly and encouraging. I felt empowered.”
HR Operations, Government Department.

“Probably the best training course I have been on in terms of delivery and learning.”
Full Time Union Representative

“Excellent course, professionally and expertly delivered. Pace was ideal with closure/ completion perfectly timed.”
Contracts Manager


“Excellent course, highly applicable to the job, invaluable for carrying out job roles effectively.”
Custody Officer, Private Sector Client

“The trainer had a sound knowledge of the issues that could take place at the facility and was able to manage his expertise around them.”
Custody Manager, Private Sector Client

“Very insightful. Enjoyed the course and feel more confident when dealing with conflicts and confrontation.”
Custody Officer, Private Sector Client


“I was astonished at how highly and consistently evaluated the course was. Many of the delegates have cited this as the best piece of training they have had in many years. It has energised the group as well as giving them skills and confidence in workplace mediation. Our mediators really felt they had learned something about mediation and it has given them new tools and techniques that are also relevant to family mediation. This was a large investment for us, and has exceeded our expectations.”
Ian Bloxham, Manager, Bristol Family Mediation

“Best two days training I have had in memory. Clarity of trainer and practical demonstrations particularly useful. Exceptionally good training.”
Lesley Lanman, Mediator, West Wales Mediation

“Very, very worthwhile. This was an extremely productive course. I found that both Steve’s knowledge of his subject and his ability to convey his experience ensured that the course delivered a high quality learning experience within a lively and interactive environment. The content offered not only an introduction to how mediation skills can be used within a workplace setting but also opened up new ideas for consideration within family mediation practice. Many thanks.”
Mairi Frith, Mediator, PPC, Bristol Family Mediation

“Extremely good. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in such a short space of time!”
Lee Whitehead, Civil & Commercial Mediator, Paramount Legal Costs Ltd.


“Excellent course, delivery pace was just right. Very engaging – role play had an excellent impact on learning.”
Pamela Bruce, Mediation Referral Manager, Department of Work and Pensions

“Role play scenario was realistic and relevant in helping to develop my skills within our organisation. Good opportunity to practice in a safe environment. Pace of course and length appropriate to levels of concentration. Role play and phrases – useful as was real time intervention by trainer as mediator.”
Sue Ticehurst, Mediator, Department of Work and Pensions.

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