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Mediator Supervision

We provide professional supervision and expert support services for mediators. You may have an in-house team of mediators, or you may be an independent mediator, conflict practitioner or HR consultant.

The mediation sector is in the early stages of regulation and soon supervision for mediators will become a practice requirement and an essential part of CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Supervision may also be needed in order to comply with your mediation practice standards, recruitment criteria, tender requirement or mediator’s code of conduct.

The mediation marketplace is highly competitive with success rates and quality of outcomes being critical factors. The outcome of a single mediation can influence perceptions of mediation’s wider value; either increasing referrals and recommendations or abruptly stopping the flow of casework and new business. This fragility can limit careers and inhibit service growth. Through mediation supervision we can help you develop client relationships to strengthen reputation, support growth and acquire a leading edge in mediator performance.

The mediation marketplace is complex and confusing for both consumers and practitioners. There are also many more mediators than cases in the marketplace. Worryingly there is a great deal of poor practice largely linked to infrequent practice, varying standards in accredited mediation training, generic mediation courses and crossover from one mediation sector to another. Many mediators rely on informal support which consists of cautiously checking out a difficult issue with a mediator colleague to see how they would have handled it. This can be helpful and offers only a fraction of the value supervision can bring.

Supervision provides a supportive relationship that deepens and develops over time allowing for significant shifts in ability and performance.

The supervision format is flexible with either regular monthly or quarterly sessions; or on demand occasional sessions as and when needed. We can offer individual supervision, group supervision or facilitate peer supervision forums.

We help individual mediators develop practice, confidence and excellence in their work. We can work with a host organisation’s mediation policy and procedures to ensure consistent practice standards within the mediation team. We are familiar with a wide range of training provider’s models and can integrate these seamlessly. We provide a responsive service and recognise that a mediator’s personal qualities are a key factor in mediation success.

Our coaching and support services are also available on an ad-hoc basis to help with

  • Pre case preparation and assessment
  • Support throughout the life of the case
  • Post case debrief and feedback

We provide services in person, over the phone or online, including:

  • Co-mediation – working alongside a newly qualified mediator
  • Anchor mediator – a supportive presence, available as a mentor when needed, both in person or remotely online
  • Consultant or advisor – dip into support for difficult or complex cases as and when needed
  • Observer – providing expert feedback in the moment and monitoring quality assurance for the provider organisation.

Supervision can be managed in line with an agreed contract and specific goals or we can work on a more informal basis. See below for our on-demand supervision and support service.

We also provide advanced mediation training, refresher training, case management consultancy services and training to be a mediator supervisor.


“Receiving supervision in mediation practice is essential for professional development and to maintain a positive healthy attitude to casework. Steve provides invaluable, independent support to me both in our scheduled monthly supervision sessions and on an ad hoc basis if I need to debrief after a difficult case.  It’s comforting to know that if I need advice I can get it quickly just by picking up the phone.

Supervision with Steve is not simply about talking through caseload, I’m able to set the agenda and talk about what is really important for me at that time. At the start of our supervisory relationship I was experiencing burn out and Steve really helped me overcome it.  Steve is experienced, knowledgeable and able to provide effective challenges to stretch mediation performance and maintain focus and enthusiasm.”

Mediation Service Manager for 10 years, neighbour, workplace and complaints mediation

“My conversations with Steve on the subject of managing difficult mediation cases have been of great help to me. His ability to listen, inquire and suggest alternative interpretations have challenged me to think afresh and enabled me to bring new insights to my practice. I have found Steve to be very approachable at all times.”

Lecturer, Open University’s Masters in War, Intervention and Development. Mediator for 12 years and mediation trainer

“This is just to say a huge “thank you” for your supervision support last week. As you know, it was my first “live” case after the training, and I was solo mediating. It was immensely useful to be able to talk things through the day before; it was excellent mental preparation and really increased my confidence to be able to run the sessions. I also appreciated the opportunity to talk to you in between sessions, which helped to keep me on track process-wise and also to reflect on the parties’ interests and needs, and to talk again after the joint session. I had some understanding beforehand that support and supervision are helpful for mediators, and now I really appreciate just how valuable this is!!”

Internal Mediator, Learning & Development Manager

“I found Steve to be thoughtful, experienced and insightful.  He was able to listen in depth and then use challenging and creative questioning; helping me explore the mediation I was challenged by in terms of both my practice and my learning.”

Mediator and mediation trainer with 12 years experience

“Following a very challenging mediation Steve provided me with a thorough supervision. Steve took considerable time to go through the key issues involved in the mediation. He helped me to understand elements that I had missed as well as highlight areas which were positive. The result of Steve’s supervision was that I was able to spend time reflecting practically on my own mediation skills and responses and see the mediation from a fresh perspective. Steve’s vast experience and excellent supervision methods mean I feel more confident as a mediator, better equipped and ready for the next case. Thanks Steve.”

Independent Workplace Mediator

“During a difficult and volatile mediation I spoke briefly to Steve for trusted advice. He provided the immediate support I needed, quickly helped me identify the true issues and made highly practical suggestions. Having Steve there enhanced my confidence and provided the right foundations for the success of the mediation.”

Independent Workplace Mediator.

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